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They say the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do. But if we’re going for the real life extenders and skin toners, only ONE kind of exercise springs to mind… and even NASA agree!

Yup! You heard right! This exercise is so effective and efficient that it’s being endorsed by none other than NASA as the best form of exercise yet devised by man, while professors of Cell and Developmental Biology hail it as the internal fountain of youth! Why? Where do we even begin?

For starters, it’s super fun and easy on the joints, so it won’t hurt your ankles and knees. And just 10 minutes of it has the same benefits as 30 mins of jogging. So there – all excuses out of the way! Time to talk: rebounding.

The amazing and unique thing about rebounding is – get ready for it – it works e v e r y single cell in your body! No other workout can do that, no matter how many muscles you fire up. Rebounding exercises not only your muscle fibres, but also the bone, nerve, brain, and connective tissue cells, and even your vital- and hormone-producing organs. How is this possible? It’s because rebounding takes advantage of the power of gravity – so when you jump, the G-force squeezes your cells and toxic cell waste is moved out of your body via the lymph fluid at a rate 10-50 x greater than normal. Unlike blood, which is powered by the heart to deliver nutrients to our cells, the lymphatic system has no pump to rely on. It works away tirelessly behind the scenes to clean up the mess made by virtually all the other systems of the body, but – and here is the catch – only when you’re active! That’s why regular rebounding is literally the best way to promote healthy lymphatic drainage.

Ok, but so what? Well, good detoxing system strengthens the whole immune system by moving along white blood cells – they are the guys that do surveillance for any signs of trouble. And don’t forget – your skin is the biggest organ for eliminating toxins from your body, so aside from getting a great internal workout, you’ll be fighting the dreaded cellulite and pumping your tissue with oxygen. Hello glow!

Anything else we should mention…? Uuhmm yeah! How about increased energy levels, improved mental performance, slimmer physique, toned muscles, greater bone density, improved balance, stronger lungs, better sleep and definitely fewer colds!

And we’ll say it again: it is FUN! The playful state which is innate for all humans and animals is incredibly important for the health of the organism. And nothing lights up the brain like 3-dimensional play.

So get your happy on, and free the kid in you!

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