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  • Not diluted in carrier oils – every ingredient counts!

  • Ingredients selected to perform in synergy

  • Enhances and supports any skincare routine

  • Developed for ALL skin types - even oily!

  • Luxuriously rich consistency unlike other runny oils

  • Lightweight and fast absorbing - no lingering shine

  • Non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores

  • No added fragrance

"I'm in love with this product which has improved my texture remarkably. It's like "soul food" for my sensitive skin!"


"FINALLY, one product that can properly hydrate my skin and keep it moist throughout the whole day! I also love how my skin feels in the morning if I use it the night before - soft and plump, no pillow creases!"


"Excellent product! Can be used with any moisturiser to help combat dry skin. I love that it's made from all natural ingredients with no "nasties"."


"The serum particularly helped breakouts during my pregnancy and I even put it on my 3 year old's dry patches on her legs when required. Highly recommend!"


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