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Worried about the festive indulgences wreaking havoc with your skin? We’ve got the MYHRU Holiday Survival-Of-Skin (SOS) manual right here!

Holiday is the time to relax, to let go and let loose, to enjoy your time with your loved ones and to socialise around the dinner table. It’s our deserved time to indulge, but it’s also no reason to make our bodies suffer. So with the Christmas holiday season upon us, now is the time to get our minds set right to protect our health and to maintain the good skin we work for all year. When it comes to holiday food, it’s all about making the right choices and minimising the damage. So resolve to make this festive season your healthiest yet while having all the fun. And it’s easier than you think! Here are the main holiday skin offenders and our MYHRU tips for your skin’s seamless survival:


We’re all for toasting, and toast we will, plenty! After all, there’s much to celebrate with our loved ones at Christmas time. But keep in mind that alcohol ages you from the inside, and your skin will take the hit as well. So to minimise the damage, make sure to drink PLENTY of water in between each topple, and opt for wine and bubbles, rather than bloating beers and sugary Bacardis. And in the name of refreshment, go for spritzers with alkalising lemon and fill your glass with ice whenever possible.


You know what they say: a moment on the lips, and weeks on the hips! We don’t mean to scare you, but is it really worth the guilt and hard-core diet misery afterwards? We think not. Just be smart about it: don’t feel the peer pressure to try every cookie, cake and Don Pedro handed round to you – be selective and choose ONE favourite treat you can truly enjoy. This is also the perfect time to play the “I’m too full” card – rest assured, we’re all feeling like balloons too! So scoop up the low-cal jelly off your trifle and everybody wins.


So the rice, the pap, the pasta, the potatoes, the bread… Don’t worry, we’re not cording off this area completely. This is where the SMALL portion control comes into play, BIG time! Dish up less and load up on the spinach and the pumpkin instead. And if there’s only one hack you’re going to use in this Christmas eating production, it’s this: NO SECONDS! One helping ONLY!


Unfortunately, that encompasses the booze, the cakes and starches of any kind. They all eventually get converted into sugar by our liver, and you already know what that does to your complexion (recap: wrinkles, loss of skin tone, inflammation, red cheeks, broken collagen and elastin, saggy skin). So BEWARE!


Aaaah yes, the sign of a good host. These are the sneaky traps to watch out for! Have you noticed, how at holiday time, little satellites of snacks tend to appear on every flat surface? Peanuts, nuts, crisps and dry fruit are all empty calories, projecting hospitality and masquerading as metabolic sustainers. If, however, you’re not a natural grazer, why start now? Instead, commit to one meaningful snack – nachos and guacamole dip anyone? – and give yourself full permission to enjoy it in moderation. Alternatively, just make a bee line for the olives…


If you know you’ve got a dinner feast coming up, simply cut down on your calories during the day, and eat as nutritiously as you can. A good rule of thumb is: before 6pm think mostly fruit, smoothies, salads and good old H2O. A little fasting won’t do any harm either


So you’ve defeated the buffet (hopefully not the other way round…) and now it’s time to hit the beach. Get your skin age-proof with a good smothering of Spf 50+ (face and body) and remember to reapply often. Don’t fall for the waterproof versions, and wear a hat or a visor whenever possible. Don’t worry, you’ll still get a healthy holiday tan but without that crisp look. Jokes aside, remember that sun is your skin’s biggest ageing catalyst! A 20-minute arm and legs exposure is brilliant for Vitamin D production, but always protect the face – rain or shine.


You didn’t think you were going to get away with this one, did ya? Exercise is not your punishment. It’s good for you and it makes you feel and look great. Remember: exercise because you LOVE your body! So do not – we repeat – do NOT go with the excuse of putting it off until the New Year. Resolutions fail, and exercise can carry your waists and thighs through your holiday fairly unscathed. So why not start each morning with a quick 20-minute HIIT cardio session and enjoy the day knowing your body is busy burning calories even while you eat. Simple!

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