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Looks like a pen, stings like a bee, and works great with the mantra “no pain, no gain”… 

Alright, so we’re not reviewing gadgets, but skin treatments. And not the cozy facial type you get from your friendly chatty therapist, but the real-deal rejuvenating salon procedure that will take your skin to another level. Today we’re onto: m i c r o n e e d l i n g !

What is it? It’s a pen-like device which provides an unparalleled response via the fractional delivery of micro-needles, by creating micro-injuries to the epidermis and dermis. These micro-injuries to the skin encourage and harness the power of the body’s innate ability to repair itself, by producing collagen and elastin which act as scaffolding in your skin and provide that firm plumpness that tends to diminish with age.

The needles vary from 0.5 to 3.0 mm and are gentle enough to be used around the delicate eye area. As a bonus, active substances like Vitamin C, Vitamin A (Retinol) and Hyaluronic Acid are introduced into the skin surface during the treatment by numerous micro-injections which speeds up the correction of aesthetic disorders. If possible, opt for a pen rather than the original roller, as the latter creates lager injuries due to the angle of exit, and it will take longer for your skin to heal.

So what’s the fuss? Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induced Therapy (CIT), works WONDERS to rejuvenate the overall appearance of the skin! “It also helps improve skin texture, dilated pores, reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks and creates a brightening effect for a more youthful skin tone,” says Registered Nurse Christine Keller and Owner of Skinstitute Aesthetic Skin Clinic in George.

Does it hurt? Just a little. So be sure to ask your therapist to apply some numbing cream beforehand and you’re good to go.

How often do we need to suffer? The number of sessions depends on various factors, such as age, the general condition of the skin, your lifestyle (diet, smoking) and post-procedure products.  However, typically you should aim for 3-5 treatments in 4-6 week intervals with recommended maintenance treatments every 6-9 months.

The verdict: MYHRU tried and tested with excellent results, we give the microneedling treatment our full seal of approval and we’ll be going back for more! So just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and repeat after us: no pain, no gain; no pain, no gain… 

*For more information on the Dermapen treatment visit

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