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Ready to clean up your act in the New Year? We think we found just the thing…

So, as it turns out, it all starts with waving goodbye to C.R.A.P: Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol, and Processed food. According to James Duigan – creator of Bodyism and the health guru behind the Clean & Lean book series – our bodies can never be lean unless they’re clean of fattening toxins. But once nourished with healthy, fresh and delicious food (good fats, whole foods, sugar-free produce) it will strive to achieve your perfect weight without leaving you hungry and feeling deprived. The arguments – as well as the photos of James’ stunning Brazilian wife Christiane – are truly compelling so you can’t help but feel motivated to eat well!

The books feature a myriad of James’ recipes from his world travels, as well as weekly menu plans and some staple dishes in the kitchens of beautiful celebrity friends like Elle Macpherson (a.k.a The Body) and Hugh Grant. Everything is fresh, simple and accesible, with extra cooking tips, serving suggestions and nutritional information featured on every page.

So what makes these books different from all the other cookbooks, you wonder? Well, in our MYHRU kitchen, we like to think of them as our dietary compass. The books have one clear underlying message: it’s not about dieting, but about changing our relationship with food and “understanding what nourishes you and what will give you a “food hangover””. As James explains, no food should be off-limits by default – we simply need to listen to our bodies and naturally become our own personal nutritionists.

We love how James places paramount importance on addressing our mental and emotional state to forge new and improved relationship between food and our bodies! “If you struggle with food, bingeing or yo-yo dieting, try turning your negative thoughts into positive ones. A very affective strategy is to say affirmations and practice visualisations”.

And we know just how powerful those can be… James, we applaud your holistic outlook on wellness!

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