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Demystify the world of weaning with bespoke foolproof recipes to grow a healthy happy baby!

In their new bestselling book “Weaning Sense“, expert authors Kath Megaw and Meg Faure offer a weaning solution based on your baby’s unique sensory personality. This practical guide to weaning demystifies with clarity and accessible tone the often anxious process, and based on current research offers REAL food solutions.

Grounded firmly in science, the book includes over 50 delicious foolproof recipes, consisting of simple yet inspiring ingredient combos which require minimal equipment and promise quick preparation times. Mums will also be thrilled to discover practical tips on travel and lunchtime solutions, speedy meals, quick-fix snacks, feeding picky eaters, and adding maximum nutritional punch to meals.

We love the tailor-made approach which takes into account each baby’s unique personality and highlights the importance of home-cooked food from the beginning, giving mums the nutritional control which, until recently, has been swapped for the convenience of ready-meal baby jars. We’re definitely excited to be adding this read to our #MyhruLoves wellness book club!

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