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In one of the most refreshing displays of fashion and runway diversity, a young Australian designer has gone where not many have gone before.

Models in their 50s and 60s stormed the diverse Thomas Puttick runway at Australian Fashion Week.

The show kicked off with a colourful display of prestigious Australian designers and models, but among the plethora of catwalk stars was one designer choosing to showcase beauty of age.

Thomas Puttick, who had trained with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang, debuted real-life models – many of whom never walked a catwalk or attended a fashion show in their life: a politician, a musician, a refugee.

The idea came from the need to celebrate diversity. Each woman – or muse – who walked, regardless of her looks and age, had inspired Puttick in some way. “The new series is a way for us to present empowered women who have a strong message”, says the designer.

It just goes to show: we’re never too old to be glam!

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