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A human face contains 43 muscles which can be toned just like the rest of our body! Enter: Face Yoga. Think: natural facelift, but… without the downward-facing dog.

So let’s be honest here: are you going to look slightly bonkers when you open your eyes as wide as E.T.? Yes. But are you also going to combat ageing in the process and emerge energised with rosy cheeks on the other side? Absolutely!

Now giggles aside, let’s get a bit sciencey about it. Firstly, it’s hailed as a non-invasive alternative to Botox and surgery. How so? Facial workouts are designed to tighten muscles, and stimulate collagen and elastin – your skin’s natural scaffolding, which naturally dissipates as we age. They affect the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin), the dermis (middle) as well as the hypodermis (lower). By working all these layers correctly, face yoga will increase blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and nourishment to reach all the cells. The result: an instant pinky glow, and clear, healthy detoxed complexion with improved ability to absorb moisture.

Equipment needed? Just your fingers. By placing them strategically on the right muscles, you create resistance – just like you would with weights in the gym. The difference being, facial muscles are attached directly to your skin, which means results can be seen in a matter of days – not weeks!

Time investment? A daily 5-minute routine is all it takes to lift and firm sagging skin of the eyelids, jowls and neck, reduce wrinkles and even improve the pout! If you ask us, looking silly never looked so goooood!

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