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Chilling. Uplifting. Daring. Honest. Real. Breathtaking. Dark. Hopeful. Triumphant. This is “Alison” – a tale of monsters, miracles and hope.


So many people want the fairytale ending for me. So do I…“. This is the premise of “Alison” – Alison Botha’s  deeply personal story, documenting her haunting ordeal 20 years back.

Based on her book “I have life” and directed and produced by none other than Uga Carlini, this fairytale-like documentary takes us back to the fateful night when young Alison was kidnapped at knifepoint from her home and subjected to a horrific inhuman attack. The scenes will shock you, anger you, and shake you to the very core. And yet, the movie is beautiful, emotional and beyond inspiring. Through magical motifs punctuating the narrative of re-enactments and real-life interviews, Uga skilfully takes the weight away from the dark side, focusing instead on Alison’s miraculous survival and brave journey of healing – inside and out – defying the odds and ultimately refusing to let the ordeal define who she is today.

Since its highly-anticipated release on the 12th of August (none other than women’s month) the movie is now creating ripples around the world, having just been selected for the Human Rights Festival in Barcelona, Paris and New York. A special 16 days of activism screening will start on 25th November at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town and the Bioscope cinema in Johannesburg.

Just one last thing… However you process Alison’s deeply personal yet universal story, you are bound to take away a very powerful message: you CAN be your own hero and write the ending to your own fairytale… monsters and all.



(You can read the full interview with Uga Carlini right here.)

For more information about the film please visit:

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