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Step in and meet one of the most stylish men in South Africa: Mr. Doveton himself. He knows fashion; he knows grooming. He knows What Men Want!

Q: You run a stunning and a very chic style blog for men, Mr.Doveton. How did your love affair with fashion begin?

It began as far back as 1970. I was seven years old when I used my pocket money to buy my first tie. Admittedly it was a garish purple and brown clip-on tie, but none the less a la mode at the time. I loved that tie and how it made me feel when I wore it. To this day I have a penchant for ties.

Q: You’ve had the fantastic opportunities to attend several fashion shows in Milan – the ultimate capital of style. If you had to imagine a stylish South African man strutting down the runway, what do you see? (Please don’t say khaki! )

I cherish my Milanese memories. The firsthand experience of several fashion weeks in Milan changed the way I look at fashion. It wasn’t only the world class shows that inspired me – it was as much the ordinary man on the street. He looks just as comfortable in a pinstripe suit riding a bicycle as he does in jeans and sneakers sitting front row at fashion week. They wear style with such ease – as if they’re not even aware of it. In SA men tend to care either too little or too much which can be equally perturbing. But not all is lost – there is definitely a generation of young style-savvy men on the rise

What would I like to see more men wearing? Undeniably suits. A suit has the ability to transcend mere dressing. It’s also surprisingly versatile. Today’s suit cuts are modern and slim and can be worn in numerous ways from traditional to sporty.

Q: Our brand and our MYHRULOSOPHY is born out of passion for wellness as well as necessity for (busy!) modern men and women. What is YOUR definition of a “modern man”? Personal presentation – and preservation for that matter – is a priority for today’s man. We live in an incredibly competitive society and whether one likes it or not the way you present yourself is pivotal. But looking good is hard work and time consuming. Men are looking for uncomplicated, convenient and time-saving ways to improve and maintain their appearance.

Q: Looking after your self, it seems, is no longer just reserved for the ladies, nor should it be! In your view, how has the male grooming evolved over the last few years? What is the biggest change? What is still missing? My time as a grooming editor spanned the male grooming revolution both abroad and locally. When I began in the early nineties soap (usually a multipurpose shave-shower-shampoo) was petty much the extent of most men’s grooming regimens. Introducing the average man to a 3-step routine was no mean feat and he’d only just got his head around that when we started telling him to exfoliate which at the time had most men scurrying back to their man-caves. Almost twenty years later, taking care of his skin is as much a part of a mans lifestyle as fitness and what may have been frowned upon then is admired today.

Q: What would you advise a man who still feels uncomfortable using cosmetics – skincare in particular? Get over it.

Q: In your line of work, you’re no doubt surrounded by interesting, creative and also beautiful people. What is YOUR ideal of beauty?

Let’s face it (pun intended) if we’re honest beauty the way the world sees it really is skin deep. Perfect genes (by what measure of standard I’m still unsure) are celebrated. And as a publisher I am equally guilty.

But clichés are not clichés without good reason – beauty comes from with in. Some of the most handsome men I have ever worked with are also the un-loveliest. I’m inspired by both classic and unusual beauty – as long as it’s tempered with a double dose of good fellowship,

Q: What are YOUR beauty and wellness secrets? I’ve spent my adult years fighting the damage I’d already done to my skin by the time I was 25. My coastal childhood and the encouraged tanning culture of the time had already wreaked havoc. Of course I didn’t see it then. One doesn’t. Sun damage is sly – it shows its ugly face years later. Needless to say I’m all about Spf – it’s never too late to prevent further damage. In addition I adhere to the basics of daily cleanse and exfoliation twice a week. Moisturising is key and more so as I get older. And nothing quite beats the occasional mask. It’s like having your car valeted.

Q: What/who inspires you in life? What makes Mr.Doveton tick?

1. Beautiful things. This could be anything from an impeccable suit to a burst of bright flowers in a field.

2.  Men who consider their style. There’s a man who lives in my street – he must be in his late seventies yet still tall and trim with the posture and gait of a runway model. I see him from my balcony as he makes his daily trip to the corner store and it’s apparent he’s considered his outfit carefully. No Quentin Crisp by any means – there’s nothing avant garde or flamboyant about his wardrobe. It’s understated and meticulously put together – coveted classics cleverly modernised with contemporary styles.

3. The Internet. Everyday

Q: Care to spill the beans on your New Year resolution(s)?

I like to keep my word. Even to myself. Resolutions? None.

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