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We had the greatest pleasure chatting with the professional catwalk and photographic model who turned her passion for wellness and helping others into a successful career: BODY MIND SOUL.

Q: After a successful modelling career you’ve recently ventured into the world of wellness. What prompted this significant shift?

Health has always been my passion. I dislike medication, and being a spiritualist, I love all the information about energies and what an important role they play in our lives. Then I started using the Scio device and my life changed for the better. I’ve got a son who used to struggle with sinusitis and a husband with gout. I sorted out both health problems and thought: if I could do it for them I could help so many other people!

Q: For those who don’t know, could you please tell us more about your business and the treatments you offer?

We offer a wide variety of frequency treatments – Scio is a full diagnostic program which allows me to see what is going on with the energies of the body. It’s very profound as it can pick up the emotional well being of the client as well as rebalance the physical and the spiritual. Then we have our Plasma Rife machine, which is very effective in killing pathogens which cause about 80% of our health issues.

The Theragem is our wonderful crystal light therapy treatment which we use to set the bioterrrain of the body for healing and resetting the balance. We also have an effective cancer program which we offer to those that opt for the natural route when dealing with the disease.

Q: Conventional medicine refers to this as “alternative therapy”, but some people prefer to take the natural route from the start as their actual and ONLY therapy. Do you see these two routes as conflicting OR can and should they co-exist together?

I am not a lover of medicine as such, BUT this is my personal opinion … I feel it stresses out our body: the liver has to work hard to filter all the toxins and most of the drugs can have very harmful side effects. Also take into consideration the amount of money the pharmaceutical companies make! So my answer is frequency: the more you support your body with the right energies the more it will be able to heal itself.

Q: Are you familiar with the healing EFT tapping technique?

Yes, I am! It is fantastic but unfortunately it is not something I use in my practice as I have never really had the training! But I have done it before for myself and many of my clients say it has helped them tremendously.

Q: What can your clients expect to gain from your treatments?

My clients can expect to get healthier faster, as the treatments support the body to make all of it function better. You will feel less stressed as most of the treatments works on calming the body – we are not able to heal in stress mode, so this is very important.

Q: There seems to be a major shift in South Africa into wellness, including curiosity about Naturopathy. Why do you think that is?

I think many people are finally realising that over-dosing on medication and covering the problem without finding its true source is just not working.

Q: As a gorgeous model yourself, how do YOU define beauty?

Beauty is definitely from within! I totally believe the most beautiful people are the most generous, loving and kind, and I try to teach this to my 9 year old son each day. If this is how you live your life your auric energy is the thing people feel and see – not the external beauty.

Q: Nowadays women are becoming more consumer savvy and increasingly curious about cosmetic ingredients in their products. How important is it for you to be aware of what you’re putting on your skin?

Very! I am not the most diligent person when it comes to my beauty routine, but I am very serious about parabens and cruelty to animals.

Q: Can you spill your model skin secrets?

I think I need to put my secrets down to my family genes – we all have really good skin. I can’t say I have any particular secrets as I have such a bad routine .. But I don’t go in the sun without a hat!!!

Q: Well that counts as a big beauty tip Mandy! And how about our MYHRU High! Serum?

I like it because it works well with my day cream and gives my skin a super healthy glow!

Q: One final question: what would you like to tell your younger self that you wish you’d known back then?

Oh that’s a good one… Don’t cleanse with soap, stop eating all the sugar, stay our of the sun and do more yoga!

 * Visit BODY MIND SOUL at 6 Morris Avenue, George, Western Cape.

Tel: (044) 873 6261 / E-mail: * Oh that’s a good one… Don’t cleanse with soap, stop eating all the sugar, stay our of the sun and do more yoga!

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