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He’s a wedding and event planner extraordinaire, and currently inspires us every week on Tyd Met Aleit. But today, you can catch him talking to MYHRU about bridal beauty secrets, what inspires him in life, and the most important job of all – being a dad.

Q: Aleit, in your line of work, you’re surrounded by lots of beautiful people. What is your idea of beauty?

Cliché yes, but beauty does indeed come from within. That is as far as humans are concerned. As for the external, so many ways to improve oneself, but to be real, authentic and to live out integrity, remains key for me, when choosing whom I surround myself with.

I find beauty in the little things. Things that one cannot literally place a monetary value to. The muted shades of greens and browns, anchored by deep charcoal touches, when I visit the Karoo. The various shades of blues when spending time at the beautiful South African beaches. The energy that I feel, when walking in my own city’s downtown…the smells, textures, various cultures – that is the beauty that inspires me.

Q: What are the bridal secrets to achieving that perfect glow and looking their best in preparation for their big day?

To be able to trust the people you have on board for your special day. To know for sure they understand your vision, your true essence, and to know that they will over-deliver.  I refer to the coordinator, the florist, the photographer and other service professionals. When you are tranquil inside, a calming glow will show on the outside. Take a week away from work, the week leading up to your wedding. Treat yourself with that spa package at the five star resort. Drink lots of water, ensure that you test the tan, in weeks leading up to the wedding. Do not have a deep cleaning facial a few days before the wedding; two weeks before the big day is recommended.

Delegate to your Bridesmaids and Bridal retinue. They are there to be at your service. Have your hair and make-up trial two weeks before the wedding. No admin should be allowed the week leading up to the wedding.

And on the day of the wedding, ensure that your hair and make-up artist is on site for touch ups after the ceremony, and perhaps for a look change before you enter the reception.  Nothing better than dramatic smoky eyes, and glossy deep red lips to celebrate post sunset festivities.

Q: We love seeing pictures of you with your gorgeous daughter, Kateline. What do you teach her about beauty and wellness to help her grow into a happy, confident woman?

Oh, I love Kateline…this girl, she is too much. Confidence is key, and beauty will follow. Once a month, I will take her to a salon, to treat her hair and to ensure that the mani and pedi is ticked. Moisturize every day, especially black skin. I can even recommend doing it twice a day. Teeth is everything. Brush twice a day and floss.

Most important, I talk to her as if she is an adult, about things that affect our planet, her future, and try to always boost her self-esteem.

Q: With so many exciting projects, you’re always on the go. How do you look after yourself (and your skin) when you travel?

Mmm, I recently discovered Dermalaser and Dermapen – the best thing ever.  Which means you should spend less on blemishing night moisturizers. Oxygen facials are also the way to go. As for the rest, go MYHRU!

Q: At MYHRU, we focus on using natural high quality ingredients and we are very open about what they bring to the table. Do you usually read the labels and understand the ingredients of skin products as well as food packaging?

No, definitely need more training with regards to constituents. ‘Not tested on animals’ is very important to me. I think packaging and labeling plays too big a role with consumers and leads to them buying the wrong products sometimes.

Q: What and who inspires you?

Life around me, real and genuine people, non-pretentious individuals, nature, even in its raw, honest form. Not really an icon as far as people, sometimes they tend to disappoint.  Mutual respect in every part of life or business – you have my attention and admiration.

Q: Congratulations on your TV programme “Tyd met Aleit”! We can’t wait to see you in action on our screens! Can you tell us a little bit about the premise of the programme and why you wanted to take on this new project?

Yes, indeed. What a beautiful story! I would have never thought that I will be a mini TV star within my own TV world! My dynamic and driven colleague, Mandie, came up with a concept – as it always happens over a glass of wine! She said something about celebrities, something about a challenge or two and what intrigued me most was personal visits to their private homes. The idea(s) “fermented” , and not for the lack of a better word! A mere notion, soon became a tangible realty!

Before that became real and authentic, I did need a dear friend to come up with the name. Andre did so, without even knowing! Sweet actually…I told him about our idea and he nodded gracefully. He put his right hand on his forehead, looking down at the table, slowly he looked up and looked me straight in the eyes: “I’ve got it”. “TYD MET ALEIT”.

And so a lifestyle program was born for the whole of the South African niche market…people also wanting to be that little unusual. Let’s get down to the facts:

Tyd met Aleit is a 13-episode lifestyle programme. In every episode Aleit sets a beautiful table, while his guests are challenged to create something extraordinary with the ingredients of his mystery basket and the skills they are known for. Aleit, however, may only use what is available in each home he visits to demonstrate how you can entertain in style with any old thing in any house. They say the following about me (*blush)…

Aleit is one of South Africa’s top wedding planners. He has also made his mark internationally with a variety of unforgettable glamorous events showcasing his innate instinct for elegant décor and style. Trends don’t inspire him – unique and tangible experiences do. Travel, design, architecture, nature and gastronomy all stimulate his creative senses and sensibilities.

So, throw me, Aleit, in with the likes of Amy Kleinhans-Curd, Spoegwolf, Portchie, Jackie Burger, Elsabé Daneel and Refentse with a challenge for each, and you are guaranteed fun stories and entertaining television!

Q: For all the busy working mums and dads out there, what quick and simple hacks can you share for setting a beautiful dinner table a la Aleit?

Material napkins!!! Paper not even an option. Setting wine glasses, even just for a week night dinner.  Even soda tastes better drinking it from a wine glass. Table cloths not required.  Natural raw wood will remain a big trend for a few seasons to come. Candlelight in the evening is key. When your spouse comes home from work, they do want to feel missed, adhered to and special. And do not forget the background music. As far as additional décor elements, work from your garden…nothing prettier than natural greens. Whoever said you need floral.

And if you do not have a garden, well, I love terracotta containers with herbs planted within. And imagine the herbs enhancing the centre of your table; it suits each individual dish. Guests can then help themselves to the basil that goes with the Caprese Salad for example.

Q: Can you put on your gourmet chef hat and share with us your signature dish?

Mmm, my favourite food is nostalgic food. Sunday lunches in a Clergy House with a roast leg of lamb, roast chicken, duck fat roasted potatoes, green beans prepared my mom’s way (by adding bacon and potato) and a sweet element like pumpkin or sweet potato.

I am exposed to refined culinary cuisine daily, so when I cook, I keep it REAL, in the sense of real home cooking.  So my signature dish is Leg of Lamb that I prepare in the pressure cooker for two to four hours. It shreds by itself and falls off the bone. Do not forget to add red wine during the cooking process. Garlic and oven roasted rosemary potatoes is also a must. For the banters, Quinoa is my hot favourite. Then on the side I love doing traditional Greek Tzatziki.

Q: What do you love most about your work?

Empowering people; both my colleagues and my clients. Teaching people to think out of the box. Giving advice and leadership in a subtle and kind way. And then of course, that feeling of “wow, we did it!” To see my clients FEEL the moment. It is not only about what you see, and taste, but what you feel…those moments of truth where you cry tears of joy, positive emotion, getting goose flesh, and/or just feeling the love in the room.

Q: As they say, the sky is the limit! So what’s next for Aleit?

Things in my life tend to happen organically, and God is my planner…so let’s watch this space together…

*Tyd met Aleit can be seen every Wednesday, at 17:30 only on kykNET (DStv channel 144)*

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