04 Apr 2018
Marisa and Nicole

Wellness In The City

This month we’re hanging out with Marisa and Nicole – wellness influencers from the Mother City, Cape Town.

Q: How did you two Ladies meet and what made you decide to start your own wellness blog?

We saw a gap in the market for a niche South African platform acting as a health and fitness guide with honest, unbiased feedback and reviews… So we decided to combine our industry experiences and love for living active, healthy lives, by starting a blog that does more than motivate readers to workout and eat healthy, and instead inspires adventure, balance and living life outside of ones comfort zones. We are not extreme health fanatics, but rather aspire to live balanced (as in ginger shots and champagne; chickpeas and chocolate kind of balanced) lives whilst trying out new fitness fads, healthy foods and unique beauty products on offer both locally and internationally.

Q: What are your favourite things about living in Cape Town?

Having both been brought up in the Mother City, we are true Capetonians who spend most of our time outdoors making the most of our beautiful city. We are so fortunate to be living in a space where you feel like a tourist exploring new adventures every weekend without spending your moolah. From surfing, trail running, water skiing, kayaking, hiking, open water swimming and beach picnics, concerts in the park, open air cinemas, organic food markets and exploring the local night life, the list of things you are able to experience in Cape Town is never-ending.

Q: If we only had 24 hours to spend in your beautiful city, what would be our must-do’s and must eat’s to experience the real Captonian life?

Most mornings start with either a beach run, mountain trail or a Biskop Trappies session, followed by an icy ocean dip at the Camps Bay beach.

We’ll then head down to the OZCF Market, which takes place every Saturday at Granger Bay at the Waterfront. The farmers style market is ideal for a late breakie, brunch or lunch and is the perfect spot to do your weekly food shopping of organic fruit and veg, homemade breads and organic dairy from local independent farmers and artisanal food producers. They also have the most interesting raw desserts, nutritious dips and sauces as well as edible plants and seedlings, compost, gardening supplies and equipment.

We like to escape the city hustle and head to Muizenberg for an afternoon surf session with friends. Muizies is the perfect spot for beginners and avid surfers, with rentals nearby where you can get all your surf kit hassle free.

Evenings are usually spent watching the sunset on one of our beautiful beaches or at a secret sunset spot in the mountains. Pack a light picnic, healthy snacks and a couple of beers and take it all in.

Q: That sounds blissful…. So what makes Cape Town the “wellness mecca” of South Africa?

Cape Town truly has so much to offer, from its natural beauty, majestic mountains, pristine beaches and endless ocean views; Capetonians literally have the best of both worlds! With the beach and mountain trails right on our doorstep, it’s hard not to be active! We’re all about the outdoors; beach braais, ocean swims, mountain missions, yoga retreats and moonlit Lion’s Head hikes with friends. It only feels natural to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings, warm weather and blue skies!

Q: There seems to be a big wellness shift sweeping through the world and South Africa at the moment. Why do you think that is?

The health trend has been growing in countries like Australia, America and even the UK for a couple of years now, so we are so happy that we have caught up down South. In general, media always cotton on to the latest health fad and diets, but the world of wellness has evolved much further focusing on overall lifestyle changes to improve long-term health and not fixate on quick fixes that aren’t sustainable. It’s an ever evolving industry which we love educating ourselves on as we believe there are valuable health tips to take from all various health movements.

Q: Can you spill some of your health and beauty secrets?


  • Drink loads of water (unless you live in Cape Town, then be mindful);
  • Don’t diet (find a sustainbale eating plan that you can make a way of life);
  • Eat more veggies and less meat (Nicole recently turned vegetarian and is now on a veggie plak);


  • Sunscreen it up (don’t ever leave the house without it – rain or shine);
  • We are loving the SkinCeuticals range (save up, it’s worth it);
  • Dry shampoo is a lifesaver (you never have to wash your hair again!) Jokes!
  • Get 8 hours of sleep;
  • Less is more – less make up, less products, less fuss! Keep it natural.

Q: What does “beautiful” mean for you?

Finding an inner appreciation for what you have been blessed with, not comparing or competing, but being content with who you are and truly embracing life to the fullest, whilst positively influencing those around you.

Q: What’s your favourite workout and why? 

I think we’d both agree on boxing, because not only does it give you a total body workout but it also requires skill and technique so it challenges you so much more than just a normal gym session. It improves total body strength and has the benefits of both cardio and resistance training. To top it all off, you can take out all your frustrations on the bag, cause apparently hitting your boss in the face is not the done thing! So it’s the perfect stress reliever.

Q: It seems that we’re coming full circle in the cosmetic industry and natural products, such as face oils, are making a come back. What is your take on that? 

It’s great! We love going back to basics and tend to steer away from products laced with heavy chemicals that could potentially harm us in the future. It’s amazing how organic chemical free beauty products are becoming so mainstream, no more missioning to your local health store to find an out-there herbal potion.

Q: That’s our MYHRULOSOPHY alright! Before you go, can you leave us with your specialty recipe?

Can’t live without our sweet treats! Here’s one of our favourites: A Raw Snickers Bar.

which will have a Garden Route portal.

Oh that’s a good one… Don’t cleanse with soap, stop eating all the sugar, stay our of the sun and do more yoga!
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