09 Feb 2018
wellness power duo

The Wellness Power Duo

This month we’re hanging out with the Garden Route wellness heroines from Just Therapy: Jolanie Du Plessis and her mum, Annelize Wepener. And this is how they roll..

Q: What did you do for a living before and what made you venture into the wellness sector Annelize? 

It was my own health. I struggled for years to find out what illness I had, and when I was finally diagnosed there were no real treatment methods in South Africa, so I started my own research into healing. At first it was into vitamin therapy, and then I studied Refexology, Aromatherapy, and Meridian Therapy at the Inge Dougans Institute. Next I studied Reiki up to the Master Level, and finally came the Ozone Therapy. And the rest is,  as they say, history. 

Q: What does “healthy” mean to you?

Balanced and joyous body, mind and soul. You know you are on the right path when even your internal organs feel light and healthy.

Q: Do you think holistic treatments should remain in the “alternative” category of healing or should they be considered integrative with mainstream medicine?

I dream of the day when Doctors and Holistic Therapists can join hands and walk along side the patient as they complete their journey back to health.

Q: What holistic treatments do you offer at Just Therapy

We offer a variety of treatments: Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Ozone Therapy, Ozone bagging, cupping and insufflation as well as Ozone Healing oil which we manufacture specifically for wounds, and inflamatory diseases. We also offer healing journeys for people with autoimmune diseases, such as, Fibromyalgia, which encapsulates our other services of nutritional advice, vitamin and supplement advice and counselling.

Q: You also offer the healing and relaxation technique called REIKI. Could you please tell us more about that?

Reiki is a wonderful healing technique that can be applied to any living thing: from babies to animals to the elderly and everybody in between! It brings healing by touch and energy. Many illnesses are brought on by emotional reactions, and Reiki can help release, relax and heal the body and mind. 

Q: There seems to be a big shift towards wellness in South Africa – and around the world – at the moment. Why do you think that is?

For many years we were taught not to question anything, to just use whatever was suggested and to trust that manufacturers had our best interests at heart. We have moved on to an era where we can question whatever doesn’t make us feel good, and we’ve got freedom to choose what makes us well. 

Q: What other improvements do you think need to be made for our well-being?

I think by practicing mindfulness we will instinctively slow down to rest adequately, we will enjoy nature more, sleep better, use minimal electronic devices and eat more whole foods.

Q: At MYHRU we believe in functional beauty which is why we have created the multi-tasking HIGH! Serum. What are your skin-care beliefs?

Because I know that our skin is our biggest organ I am very weary of what I apply on my skin, and I choose my products based on the following: do no harm! A long list of unpronounceable ingredients always sends me researching! Health is always inside out first, every thing we let into our mouths has an effect on our outside, hair, skin, nails etc. And outside in, second. Both have a tremendous effect.

Q: How do you feel about natural oils? Some people still seem to be weary of using them on their skin…

I absolutely love it! At first I imagined thick goo stuck on my face, but once I tried it, I fell in love with the feeling of soothing healing. I am convinced that I can feel my skin becoming renewed!

Q: Thank you Ladies! We can’t wait to book a treatment with you! 🙂

*For more information, contact JUST THERAPY at: 04427275347
*For more information, contact JUST THERAPY at: 04427275347
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