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04 Apr 2018
raw snickers bar

Raw Snickers Bar

Courtesy of our friends at “Wellness In The City”, we bring you the ultimate treat!  As always, skin-loving and guilt-free, but simple to make and yummy beyond belief!

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30 May 2017
vegan parmesan

Cashew Parmesan

Nuts about cheese? So are we… But not the greasy kind! We haven’t been this excited about parmesan since childhood holidays in sunny Italy 🙂 But this one beats the real deal AND is good for your ticker!

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01 Apr 2017
chia seeds breakfast bowl

Chia Breakfast Pudding

With cooler Autumn mornings fast approaching, this nourishing heart-warming porridge from Health Yourself is the perfect way to start the day, the whole-some way. CHIA!

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01 Mar 2017
avocado lime dressing

Avocado lime dressing

Ever wondered why it’s called a “dressing”? It’s because without it, your salad would be naked! And this one here is bound to steal all the LIME-light in a less is more kind of way…

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01 Mar 2017

The Carob Tree

Move over coconut oil, nut butters and goji berries – there’s a new superfood in town and it’s waiting for its moment to arrive in your kitchen!

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