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30 Dec 2017
annemarie & caitlyn

The CrossFit Girls

#PimpMyHealth challenge creator Annemarie Cronje and the winner and model Caitlyn Kelton talk to MYHRU about their journey, the lessons, and their wellness secrets!

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04 Dec 2017
gela le roux

Géla Le Roux

We’ve had the amazing honour of speaking to one of the most beautiful women in South Africa – an entrepreneur, a business woman, a mother, and the newly crowned Princess – Géla Le Roux.

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31 Oct 2017
kate van zyl

Kate Van Zyl

The passionate up-and-coming food blogger and a true wellness warrior, Kate Van Zyl, talks to MYHRU about her inspiring wellness journey by taking charge and going rogue for health.

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03 Oct 2017
klara coetzee

Klara Coetzee

To celebrate one year since the birth of MYHRU, we sat down with the company founder, Klara Coetzee, to discuss the journey, the surprises, and to talk wellness hacks.

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01 Apr 2017
christine phillips

Christine Phillips

She’s a chef, health coach, book author, wife and a mum of three… Meet one of South Africa’s game changers of the wellness industry: the gorgeous and multi-talented Christine Phillips.

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