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30 Jun 2017

Let’s HYGGE!

We cannot think of a better time than this cold winter season to discuss the old-new concept of keeping warm, cozy and utterly content – you know, the traditional Scandinavian way.

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01 Apr 2017

Weight! It’s important.

Worried about morphing into a HULKette? Don’t be! Research proves that lifting weights is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing, at ALL ages. So what are you weight-ing for?

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31 Jan 2017
lounging by the pool

Sunny side up

Sun – friend or foe? The answer is: BOTH! You already know the risks; now join us in exploring the myriad of benefits that moderate sun exposure has on our health and happiness.

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03 Jan 2017
new year resolutions

Mind Power

Already broken your New Year’s resolutions? The good news: it’s not your fault. The bad news: change ain’t easy. Here is why we should dream BIG but start SMALL…

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