01 Mar 2017
riana du plessis

Riana du Plessis

Step into the world of Riana – a South African athlete (100m, 200m, 400m), mum of 3, a businesswoman and art-savvy belly-dancing teacher. At 43, this petite youthful powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the Olympic track!

Q: Riana, what is your idea of beauty?

It might sounds like a cliché, but beauty really comes from within. Because if you’re happy and glowing on the inside, it will always shine through. In a sense, skincare products are only there to enhance this feeling but no product can give you that “happy glow”.

Q: You’ve got skin and a body of a 20-year old! What are your beauty secrets?

Well, to be honest I think I’m a bit privileged – you call them genes… (laughs) But there’s also the mindset thing – I do not feel or act my age, which is not to say I’m childish but you do have to keep that inner child going. I believe that can keep you forever young.

Q: How does MYHRU HIGH! Serum fit into your skin-care regime?

I use it as a moisturiser, morning and evening. What I like about it is that it’s so light, without that oily feeling. I’ve got oily skin so I wasn’t sure how it would react to this product but it made my complexion normal again! It absorbs fast and I love the nutty scent! I must say my skin does feel more nourished.

Q: As an athlete, you often train outdoors. How do you protect your skin from sun exposure?

I absolutely use sun protection – preferably SPF 50+ – and I apply it two to three times during the course of one hour training session because I sweat a lot. Athletes tend to show signs of ageing much faster with the constant sun exposure so it’s really important for me to look after my skin.

Q: What are the skin benefits of being physically active?

Well, apart from getting the blood flowing, you feel younger from within. I train with younger people, usually outdoors in the fresh air so it’s an all-over feel-good experience. And I can see the difference in my skin – when I train I get fewer breakouts because of all the sweat which detoxes my pores.

Q: At MYHRU, we focus on using high quality ingredients and we are very open about what they bring to the table. Do you usually read the labels and understand the ingredients of skin products?

Yes, I do pay attention to what’s on the cosmetic labels, even if I don’t always understand all the ingredients. Best to my knowledge I try to stay away for parabens and I’m generally cautious of any products that contain too many ingredients.

And I always always read food labels to check if there’s more than one ingredient. I mean apple is an apple so why can’t milk be just milk, right?

Q: How do you look after your skin from the inside?

I try to stay away from foods that make me feel poor, such as gluten, wheat and grains, and instead I try to cook with natural flours, like quinoa, rice or coconut. And I prepare my own food from scratch so I know what’s in it. I also drink lemon-honey water first thing in the morning and before I go to bed. It’s one of those old-school beliefs that it can clean out your system but it works for me.

Q: Who inspires you?

It’s actually someone I know locally. She’s the person who introduced me to athletics and she’s a phenomenal woman who broke a few records recently at the SA Master Athletics Championships. I’m talking about the famous Toy Ungerer who just turned 70 last year and she’s still training! Actually, much harder than me at the moment! The reason why she inspires me is because she’s got everything we talked about: inner beauty, young attitude to life and she’s one good-looking lady! I would give everything in the world to look like her and still glow when I’m 70!

Q: Care to share with us a wellness tip?

If you were to switch off all the electricity – something that South Africans were used to until recently – beware of any food that doesn’t go off after 4 days: crackers, canned food, milk and cheese… to name a few. These are the products that will wreak havoc with your health!


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