Klara CoetzeeQ AND A

with MYHRU founder: Klara Coetzee

Introducing the woman behind #Myhrulosophy – the essence of the MYHRU brand – hoping to inspire men and women to embrace healthy ageing through healthy living.

What made you decide to start your own cosmetics company?

I’ve always been disciplined about a good skin regimen but never used to question what I was buying and why. A few years ago, due to health issues, I started to seriously educate myself about eating clean and reading the labels. That was a huge turning point in my life!

I then realised the same applied to what I was putting on my skin and when I started studying the cosmetic ingredients I realised we aren’t always making the smart choices here either! With the beauty industry evolving at the speed of light, I felt lost and confused but all the more determined to make a change!

So my dream was to create a fresh, healthy, honest, high-quality skincare brand which caters to the today’s modern woman, and man, – whatever their age. MYHRU is not a trend – it’s a skin-care choice through awareness about healthy ageing. That was my dream.

In your view, who embodies the ideal of a modern men and women?

I perceive them to be ageless, confident and strong. For me, it’s anyone who is both health and beauty-conscious, consumer-savvy, open-minded and confident to invest in good skincare, because they understand what it entails for their health in the long run; The modern man and woman of today refuse to be boxed in because of society’s expectations. They think outside the commercial box, making positive long-term choices. That’s whom I had in mind when creating MYHRU.

Your first product is called HIGH! Serum. Tell us about it..

HIGH! Serum is a very concentrated blend of pure highly-prized oils (so you only need small amounts to get the full benefits), packed with a variety of, what we call, natural beautifiers: vitamins (A,B,C,D,E,F) and natural acids (omegas 3,6,9 + phenolic antioxidant acids) – literally pure goodness in a bottle!

The name “HIGH!” stands for high-intensity hydration and nourishment from the high amounts of vitamins, omegas and antioxidants present in our high-quality beneficial ingredients, which all work in synergy to produce the best results.

In terms of texture, we wanted to avoid making a face product which is thin and runny, like many other oils on the market, so you’ll find that ours is rich like a treatment serum but at the same time lightweight and fast-absorbent. And it caters to all skin types too!

What exactly is a serum?

Although there is no formal definition in the cosmetics context, typically it’s the most potent part of a skin-care line and is used as part of a layering skincare routine, in order to enhance the benefits of your other products. And that’s exactly what HIGH! Serum is: a serious cocktail of natural beautifiers which boosts and fits in with any other product or routine, but is also broad-spectrum and potent enough to be used on its own as an intensive night treatment.

What else makes MYHRU different?

I’d like to think: product honesty. I get very frustrated when the supposedly main super ingredient promoted on the front of a bottle, is actually very far down on the quantitive list. Sometimes labels read like a handout from a chemistry class! That’s not to say all of those undecipherable ingredients are harmful – some might be the main active ingredients while others need to be included in order to preserve the dignity of the product.

It all comes down to UNDERSTANDING what they all are and their affect on your skin. Remember: small quantities of toxins in a formula DO accumulate in your system over time so they ARE harmful overall. Which is why we will always explain the properties of our ingredients as best as we can. Knowledge is power!

Speaking of knowledge, you’re also running your own blog, called High!lights.

Yes! MYHRU has the whole-listic approach to healthy living and healthy ageing, which I’m very passionate about. So I’m excited to share – highlight, if you will – all those issues and my discoveries from this platform. I’m constantly reading and researching different aspects of skincare and well-being on my own quest to longevity. After all, they go hand-in-hand.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with confusing messages about what healthy living is, and yet we keep getting sicker and sicker. We don’t seem to care enough to ask questions and act to make the necessary changes. I think it’s paramount to be inquisitive and critical, but also not to forget to enjoy life! It’s all about balance and progress – not perfection.

Balance and progress, not perfection. Is that part of your Myhrulosophy?

Absolutely! Myhrulosophy is my philosophy of life reflecting today’s modern men and women. It is about supporting healthy ageing, by using anti-ageing solutions in a balanced whole-listic way: high-quality but straight-forward, preventative and restorative skincare, as well as healthy lifestyle. And happiness, of course! That is your full wellness package.

What are your beauty secrets?

Again, I would say: keep it simple! Think: C.H.S Cleanse, Hydrate (inside and out) and use Sunscreen. Easy to remember as it also stands for: clear-healthy-skin.

Skincare needn’t be complicated; it’s more about supporting rather than smothering.
I really believe that looking after yourself begins with self-love and respect for your physical body. I think that’s the real secret!


You mentioned earlier your product caters to ALL skin types. Even oily?

Yes, absolutely. The addition of oil actually counteracts the production of sebum and our formula is lightweight so it’s fast-absorbent. Some people have actually reported a positive change in their oily complexion after only a few days of use!

The truth is, every skin type can benefit from our serum. A face oil penetrates the skin at a deeper level than a cream or a gel, meaning you get more hydration than you would with a traditional moisturiser. It also means that the products you layer on top are going to be more effective! Our serum is naturally infused with hydrating Vitamin E and fatty acids (dry skin), it’s anti-inflammatory (sensitive skin) and it’s packed with antioxidants to combat ageing and maintain healthy skin barrier (normal/combination skin).

Everyone draws inspiration from somewhere - who are your role models in real life?

I’m inspired by many wonderful people in my life – one of them being my mum. She is the epitome of kindness and effortless elegance. I definitely owe my love and passion for skincare to her! My mum is truly beautiful inside and out, and a living proof how looking after yourself consistently pays off later in life.

What about celebrity role models?

At the end of the day, celebrities are just people too! We all share the same insecurities and celebrities strive to look and feel good just like us. But I must say, I’m particularly inspired by Jennifer Lopez: by her strength and entrepreneurial drive, her femininity (those unapologetic curves!) and of course that famous JLO glow. I think she’s actually ageing backwards…

The other celebrity role model I have to mention is the Body herself – Elle Macpherson. Have you seen her lately? She just turned 50 and is brimming with more health than most 20-year olds! What we see is a sum of all her positive life choices so, again, she’s the living proof.

So what’s next for MYHRU?

We’ve got lots of exciting projects we’re working on so watch this space! Of course, we plan on expanding our range to cater to all the different skin needs and to keep up with the latest technology and discoveries in the field. We’re not in the business of cluttering the shelves with countless options – MYHRU is about quality, not quantity. So we hope you embrace our Myhrulosophy-born products to achieve your best skin, the healthy way…