Month: August 2016

19 Aug 2016
Myhru Loves: Reverse the Signs of Ageing

Reverse the signs of ageing

We just love Dr. Talib’s new book on reversing the signs of ageing through mindful diet! 
Her revolutionary insight into how gut health manifests itself on our skin has certainly caught our attention: It’s all about recapturing that glow from the inside, and weeeee’re listening!

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18 Aug 2016
Natural Face Masks

DIY Beauty: Scrubs

Sshhh… We’ll let you on a little secret – want a supermodel complexion? E X F O L I A T E! And then repeat again, tomorrow. We bring you an easy and gentle face scrub equation to experiment with at home, so have fun! Your skin will thank you for it…

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17 Aug 2016
Fats - the unsung heroes

Fats – the unsung heroes!

We all ‘kind of’ know that good fats are good for us. But there’s more to an occasional olive oil drizzle – here is why they are the ultimate game changers in your skin care…

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16 Aug 2016
Face Yoga

Face Yoga

A human face contains 43 muscles which can be toned just like the rest of our body! Enter: Face Yoga. Think: natural facelift, but… without the downward-facing dog.

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